Seed Snacks is a 5-strong collection of gluten- free nutritious, plant-based snacks bristling with full-bodied flavours & healthy convictions.

The eclectic range was born courtesy of co-founders, sister-in laws Juliette and Susan who were compelled to join the healthier living snacking movement about the same time as Susan realised that her time-poor vegan son’s health was sliding courtesy of his ill-balanced diet.

Available in sweet or savoury flavours, Seed Snacks is a low-calorie allergen-free treat with a deliciously decadent crunch.

Packed with protein, fibre, and seeds, this is a snacking collection that vocally rejects the need for any added sugars or synthetic nasties.

A tasty snack that supports gut health and provides a significant portion of your daily fibre whilst arriving in eco-friendly compostable pouches.

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