Hangry is not a made up word. Officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015, hangry is a scientific discovery! Studies show that people have difficulty regulating their temperament when their blood sugar levels drop, which is why they become a bit of a grumpy mess when hangry. 

To keep hanger at bay, glucose levels must be kept stable, this gives you control over your reactions, your emotions and your hangry explosions! Fruits, vegetables and nuts are all great snacks to maintain stable glucose levels, but let’s face it, few of us are that prepared... that's why Hangry bars are made of fruit, oats, nuts and seeds, natural hangry stabilising ingredients, great for when you are on the go and for taming your hangry beast.

Hangry bars were first made for the needs of Louisa and Mark, a couple of health fanatics, but slowly as popularity grew amongst friends and family and local businesses, they decided to bring Hangry bars to the masses.

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