Helen Boyle and Claire Ollard met at a mutual friends wedding in 2011. After initial introductions, they randomly started talking about dips. Helen and Claire both agreed that they were frustrated with the quality of own-brand dips and couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a strong independent brand creating healthier and more innovative recipes.

After researching the opportunity more and creating an initial product range, Helen and Claire tried the dips out, unbranded, at local farmers’ markets to see if they would sell. Not only did they sell but they sold out.  

In 2012, with their life savings, Helen and Claire converted an old farm building into a SALSA approved kitchen and launched The Dip Society. The girls gained their first listing at Selfridges. Further listings followed. In April 2016, Helen and Claire secured considerable outside investment to scale the business and build the brand.  

November 2016 sees the launch of two new fish pâtés to compliment the dip range.

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