Introducing Mahtay, a 100% Natural sparkling Yerba maté tea infusing the natural energy properties of the South American Yerba Maté plant with Coconut juice and Acai berries to create a lightly sparkling Yerba Maté tea infusion.

Yerba Maté (yet-bah mah-Tay) comes from the the naturally caffeinated and nourishing leaves of the South American rainforest holly tree. For centuries tribes in South America, such as the aché guayakí tribe have enjoyed Yerba Maté for its rejuvenating effects, finding tremendous invigoration, focus and nourishment.

This is a drink that restores balance, heightens and enhances your now, and is full of vitamins and antioxidants. It's a low calorie, low sugar, metabolism boosting vitality drink. Mahtay can be drunk in its pure form or mixed in a cocktail, as a natural alternative to traditional mixers.

  • Low sugar 3g /100ml
  • Low calories 15kcal /100ml
  • High Natural Caffeine 39mg /100ml
  • Metabolism Boosting

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