Jarr is a London kombucha brewery, founded by old friends, Adam, Jess, Tom and Neil.  

After realising they shared a passion for kombucha, the group set out to create a drink that challenged the norm and offer an alternative to artificially produced soft drinks.

In Autumn 2015, they opened Europe’s 1st kombucha tap room and in April 2016, they launched Jarr’s bottled range.

Since then, they have been honing their technique and spreading the word about kombucha.  Today, the range consists of 4 award winning flavours, available in 2 bottle sizes and draft kegs.   

So what is Jarr?  A blend of 2 organic teas (Green & Oolong), organic Brazilian cane sugar and water, fermented together with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).

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