HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate offers speciality quality and flavour with the convenience of an instant coffee. No more drama brewing speciality coffee at home, office or on the go. Brew smarter by simply adding boiling water or milk to a measure of HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. 

Developed under the wing of HER Haggerston Espresso Room, which was founded in 2011. Serving speciality coffee and offering a free space for local artists to showcase their work. A firm favourite in the coffee shop since it’s beginning -  realising for the first time that speciality coffee at home could be achieved without drama.

Using ethically sourced coffee beans, roasted here in Hackney. HER Coffee Concentrate is cold brewed, filtered and bottled by hand at our coffee shop HER Haggerston Espresso Room.

HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate can also be used as an ingredient in baking, smoothies, with porridge or in coffee cocktails.

  • Never pasteurised to maximise the full flavour profile and aroma. 
  • Only filtered water and freshly ground coffee. Nothing else.
  • Keep refrigerated
  • The coffee concentrate was freshly brewed and ageing will affect its freshness and flavour.
  • To maximise its freshness, drink within 2 weeks of opening  
  • As an ingredient use within 4 weeks.

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