Emily loves discovery and delicious food, travelling the world seeking out exciting adventures and delightful flavours. On her travels, Emily found an innovative way to create amazingly crunchy crisps from the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Emily crisps are made from the freshest produce and all their fruit and veg are sourced in season to ensure there is no need for added flavourings. The fruits are sweet enough that they never add any sugar and they only ever add a sprinkling of salt to their veg crisps to bring out the natural flavours.

Their premium packaging ensures that additives and preservatives are not needed to keep their crisps as crunchy as possible. Additionally, they are certified vegan (by the vegan society) and are completely gluten free. As good as they taste they know that their crisps are better for you and delicious, so their customers can discover a fun way to make better choices.

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