Burts Snacks are a Devon based brand that make thick cut potato chips at their site on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. Their hand cooked potato chips feature real taste and proper crunch delivered by experts in their field. They locally source only the best Red Tractor Assured Potatoes, which are then sliced and cooked in small batches, and seasoned with the best flavours around often sourced from local South West partners. True to their artisanal roots, Burts give credit to these suppliers on their packaging as well as growers and individual fryers.

The three varieties of Lentil Waves offer the health conscious snacker a better for you alternative, without comprising on taste and texture, using the same authentic flavours as their potato chips. Burts snacks are free from any artificial flavourings and they have strived to develop some great new innovative products in recent years. Brand partnerships with names including Levi Roots, Guinness and most recently Jim beam Bourbon Whisky have allowed them to utilise their wealth of experience in doing so.

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