HER - On-the-Go 2 coffees (12 x 120ml)

HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate offers speciality quality and flavour with the convenience of an instant coffee. No more drama brewing speciality coffee at home, office or on the go. Brew smarter by simply adding boiling water or milk to a measure of HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.

Brewed by hand for 24 hours then filtered 5 times before bottling. Never pasteurised. Only filtered water and freshly ground specialty coffee - nothing else. HER Coffee Concentrate is perfect to drink hot or on ice. Also great to use in cocktails, baking, smoothies or as substitue for espresso. 

Storage: Ambient
Min shelf life: 2 months
Brand: HER
Filters: Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free
Code: WCHER02
Barcode: 0701197397064