Laverstoke Park Farm is spread over 2,500 acres of rolling Hampshire countryside near Overton. It is owned and run by ex-racing driver and Formula One World Champion Jody Scheckter. He wanted to create a farming environment that would follow nature as closely as possible, combining 21st century science, together with the most environmentally friendly farming methods available. Laverstoke Park Farm follows nature strictly, but use the latest and best scientific research, techniques and equipment.

At the heart of Laverstoke Park Farm are their herds of Asian water buffalo producing the protein-rich and nutritious milk that they use for their cheeses. The buffalo graze freely on organic pasture, full of 31 different herbs, grasses and clovers, increasing milk quality. Compared to commercial dairy breeds the yield is lower, but with organic milk as rich and nutritious as this, Laverstoke Park believe it’s a better way to farm.

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