Delivery Update

Dear Customer


As I am sure you are all aware, the transport industry has seen consistent increases in operating costs over the last 12 months, and are now faced with another era of rapidly increasing costs of fuel with no end in sight. Wholegood has up to now, chosen to absorb all of these costs to try and ease the pain for our customers, but as we reach historically high levels of fuel prices at the pumps we have no other alternative but to pass some of this cost down the line, and introduce a minimal charge for all deliveries.
We appreciate that this will have an impact on everyone, so have opted for the fairest solution of a delivery charge as opposed to changing product pricing across the board. This allows us to adjust this delivery charge up or down depending on the fuel situation as we move through these challenging times, so that all pricing into retailers does not have to be changed. It also allows for you to place larger volume orders, less frequently if desired, to keep these delivery costs to a minimum.
As of March 16th 2022, we will be adding a charge of £20.00 + VAT for all London deliveries.
We hope that you understand the situation that we face, and that we can continue to work together through these uncontrollable times.

Many thanks,