Genuine Convenience!
Chilled, Frozen and Ambient…

We deliver chilled, frozen and ambient goods. A dedicated frozen delivery service runs on Saturdays (for small volume orders). All other days are chilled deliveries only. Our vans run at 0 to +3 degrees, so we are always able to deliver products like frozen vegetables on any day.

Just in Time!
Daily Deliveries in London

We deliver throughout London 6 days a week. The minimum order is £50. Some brands have specific order days as their products are made to order, so it’s helpful if you receive other products at that time as well. However, we are always flexible and more interested in your needs as a retailer than ours. See each brand for details.

We actively encourage a little and often approach; we deliver organic fresh fruit and vegetables daily, so its great to keep only what you need in stock and have us deliver just in time.

Delivery times vary and will be dependent on traffic. We aim to have all deliveries finished by 12pm. We start from around 3am and, if you would prefer us to have a key and put your goods in your fridge, that’s no problem.

Orders must be placed by 3pm the day before delivery (unless specific order days are required as noted above).


Deliveries Outside of London
Our delivery days outside of London vary. At the moment we don’t offer a daily service and we suggest that you check the website for more details. Minimum orders may vary depending on Location.

Delivery Schedules
Products for most brands are available to order for next day delievery (except for delivery Sunday, and orders for Monday must be placed by 3pm on Friday), however some products are made to order and have a special delivery requirements, where applicable, you will see these detailed in the product information for each product.